Karan is Hnry's Managing Director for Australia and in this role he manages Hnry's brand, customer relationships, partnerships and team in the Australian market. Karan came from a management consulting background, having spent 10 years at Deloitte prior to joining Hnry.

Whilst working part time at Deloitte, Karan was managing "side hustles" which included co-founding a tech start up and roles as Chair of both the Australia India Youth Dialogue and Young Sikh Professionals Network. The burden associated with managing multiple roles simultaneously, alongside the advice he was increasingly dispensing to his Deloitte clients around the changing nature of work and the rise of the gig economy, drew him to Hnry's value proposition.

Karan is motivated by the desire to make the transition to self-employment easier for Australians by removing the burden of financial administration.

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