<aside> 🚀 Hnry makes it simple, affordable and accessible for anyone to earn independently.



Hnry offers a full digital accounting service for contractors, freelancers, and sole traders that handles… well, everything — automatic tax calculations and payments, invoicing, expenses, tax filings, and on-demand support from our team of accountants.

We automate the entire financial process for independent earners, giving them the time they need to focus on their business, their family, and their mental wellbeing.

We’re growing fast in Australia and New Zealand - and we're always looking for great humans to join us as we do it.

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Our values

At Hnry, we are passionate about helping our customers and creating a work environment where our people thrive and do their best. Our values guide us in everything we do, and we strive to embody them every day.

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We strive for fairness, and we do the right thing

We do what we do, because we like to help people. We get satisfaction from delighting our internal and external customers.

We’re lifelong learners

We’re all open to learning from others, and growing our skills. No-one is the finished product.

We win and lose as a team

Whether they’re big or small wins, we celebrate all our wins as a team. There’s no room for lone rangers or egos at Hnry.

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We’re all grown-ups here

We are all high-performing, self-sufficient individuals. We trust each other and respect each other's contributions.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously

We enjoy working together and we like to have fun as a team. We work hard and we go home on time.

Life at Hnry

At Hnry we provide a diverse and enjoyable working environment for anyone.

We're a fast-growing cross-functional team with offices in Sydney and Wellington. We're highly collaborative and social. We have team lunches every week, and there are regular opportunities to get involved in events we run with our partners.

We encourage people to bring their fresh ideas and thinking, to challenge and experiment - and we're all continuously developing our skills and processes.

<aside> 📈 At Hnry, we're all about helping our employees grow in their careers. We think growth isn't just a career ladder; it's also about gaining exposure to different roles and areas of the business that you might be interested in. With our six-weekly personal development meetings, access to our capability framework, the chance to switch things up, a culture that's all about learning, we give our teams the tools they need to shape their own path, build on their transferable skills, and reach their full potential.


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